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Born from Music

MDOT Enterprises was originally born to serve the colorful and hands-on world of the music industry. We started our journey by helping artists across the country with everything from contract negotiations, brand development, and financial management – if it was something they needed to get paid, we were there. However, once we saw that our expertise could translate and bring success to companies in any industry, we made moves and rebranded as MDOT Marketing.

Our solutions are uniquely designed to help you gain the social proof you deserve without taking time away from the tasks that matter.

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“Digital Perception Influences Physical Reality”

First impressions last a lifetime, but in the digital age we live in, oftentimes that first impression is from a social media or google search, rather than a handshake or a conversation. Therefore, focusing on improving your online reputation, or what others call your personal brand, has never been more important than it is today. At MDOT Marketing, we specialize in helping people improve their online reputation through social media and PR in order to help them gain the social proof and credibility they deserve! 

We’re the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in the CSRA for A Reason.

Whatever your brand needs to succeed, we got you.

Web Development

In this day and age, your brand can’t possibly survive without an online home base. Bring the MDOT crew on board and we’ll create the website.

Social Media Services

Everywhere you go, social media connects you with the businesses and brands that you (and the algorithms) know and love.

Email Marketing

Did you know that even with worldwide push for video ads and other new forms of marketing, expertly created email campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Once you’ve got your website built, it’s time to market your brand and make sure your name is in the mind of everyone in your target audience.

NFT Marketing

As a Digital Marketing Agency and Crypto Enthusiast we can create a fully functional (and sellable) NFT for you.

Press Release

lenn is definitely one of them. Presently living in Miami Florida Marcus A. Glenn comes from a strong background in marketing.

Raise, Elevate, Refine Your Personal Brand

Ready to gain the social proof and credibility you deserve?


At MDOT Marketing, we live by the phrase, “by their fruits you shall know them”. There are a countless number of self-proclaimed “personal branding agencies”, but their results oftentimes tell a different story. Would you trust a financial advisor who’s filing for bankruptcy or a personal trainer who’s 50 pounds overweight? Of course not. So why would you trust a “personal branding expert” who hasn’t built a successful personal brand? We are different because we practice what we preach and only offer solutions we ourselves use on a consistent basis. 


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