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Helping others help themselves- Marcus A. Glenn is a boon to the music community

It is not often that you meet truly inspiring people but Marcus A. Glenn is definitely one of them. Presently living in Miami Florida Marcus A. Glenn comes from a strong background in marketing, branding and promotions and is now recognised internationally across the world. With an intention of helping people live better life Marcus A. Glenn has created more opportunities for artists in the metaverse and to date has helped more than 52 people become full time entrepreneurs by teaching his monetization strategies. Read on to know the how and why.

Marcus A. Glenn’s first stint in the world of marketing begin as a college goer with an internship program that put him in close contact with several budding artists. The truth of the music industry is that branding and promotions play a much larger role than the actual amount of talent you have as an artist. Marcus A. Glenn had been able to correctly identify this demand in the market and provided his services to some artists he thought would require it. That first step was taken a long time back and Marcus A. Glenn has since worked with recognisable names on some of their biggest hits such as Bun B’s debut solo Album “Trill” Chamillionaire’s first major release “Sound of Revenge” as well as Remy Ma’s first major release “There’s Something About Remy.

Recently Marcus A. Glenn launched his own company by the name of MDOT which stands for marketing direction and opportunities for today. MDOT is currently occupying the prestigious position as leading digital marketing agency in the CSRA. Their trademark service is to provide NFT as a form of promotion for artists. These actions caught on and in 2021 Marcus A. Glenn and Chris “Flames” Ussery, a Grammy nominated producer collaborated with Vydia Distribution Company in order to bring independent artists a platform where they can showcase their talents and build their name.

Often it so happens that people who have reached the top are no longer interested in providing others with the tool to get there as well. Another world those who are doing then like to keep it that way rather than increasing competition for themselves. However, Marcus A. Glenn as a man as well as a professional has never been that way and has always provided answers to those who question him in a way which will help them as much as possible. It was in 2019 that will be decided to finally make this educational experience that he was trying for into a reality and opened The Winner’s Society a one-on-one coaching program that can help entrepreneurs from around the globe reach the position that they would like to see themselves in.



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